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About us

About us

Our aim is to be the simplest and most effective social utility to let you meet new people. 

Sites like Facebook do a great job at letting you stay in touch with family and friends and people who you already know. Stepsapart on the other hand let's you find great people who aren't yet part of your life.

We want to connect people in a friendly and healthy environment. Meet your future husband or wife, find language partners, meet activity partners and, of course, meet new people for dating, romance and friendship.

The site is 100% free. The only thing you need in your pocket is your charm and a genuine desire to meet new and interesting people. Remember, no one is a stranger, they are just people whom you haven't met yet and with us having your back, they are only steps apart from you. 

There's no stopping you to sign up and explore. 

Have fun and hopefully with Stepsapart you meet tonnes of new and interesting people who enrich your life for years to come! 

Your Stepsapart Team